Subphylum Crustacea

Class Malacostraca Latreille, 1802

Subclass Phyllocarida Packard, 1879

Order Leptostraca Claus, 1880

Family Nebaliopsidae Hessler, 1984

   Genus Nebaliopsis Sars, 1887

  Nebaliopsis typica Sars, 1887

   Genus Pseudonebaliopsis Petryachov, 1996

  Pseudonebaliopsis atlantica Petryachov, 1996

Family Nebaliidae Samoulle, 1819

   Genus Nebalia Leach, 1814

  Nebalia antarctica Dahl, 1990
  Nebalia bipes Fabricius, 1780
  Nebalia borealis Dahl, 1985
  Nebalia brucei Olesen, 1999
  Nebalia cannoni Dahl, 1990
  Nebalia capensis Barnard, 1914
  Nebalia clausi Dahl, 1985
  Nebalia falklandensis Dahl, 1990
  Nebalia dahli Kazmi & Tirmizi, 1989
  Nebalia daytoni Vetter, 1996
  Nebalia geoffroyi Milne-Edwards, 1828
  Nebalia gerkenae Haney and Martin, 2000
  Nebalia herbstii Leach, 1814
  Nebalia hessleri Martin et al., 1996
  Nebalia ilheoensis Kensley, 1976
  Nebalia lagartensis Escobar & Villalobos-Hiriart, 1995
  Nebalia longicornis Thomson, 1879
  Nebalia marerubi Wägele, 1983
  Nebalia patagonica Dahl, 1990
  Nebalia schizophthalma Haney, Hessler, and Martin, 2001
Nebalia strausi Risso, 1826
Nebalia troncosoi Moreira, Cacbelos, and Dominguez, 2003
  Nebalia ------- Haney & Martin, in review

  Genus Nebaliella Thiele, 1904

  Nebaliella antarctica Thiele, 1904
  Nebaliella brevicarinata Kikuchi and Gamô, 1992
  Nebaliella caboti Clark, 1932
  Nebaliella declivatas Walker-Smith, 1998
  Nebaliella extrema Thiele, 1905

   Genus Dahlella Hessler, 1984

  Dahlella caldariensis Hessler, 1984

   Genus Sarsinebalia Dahl, 1985

  Sarsinebalia cristobi Moreira, Gestoso, and Troncoso, 2003
Sarsinebalia typhlops (Sars, 1870)
Sarsinebalia urgorrii Moreira, Gestoso, and Troncoso, 2003

   Genus Speonebalia Bowman, Yager and Iliffe, 1985

  Speonebalia cannoni Bowman, Yager and Iliffe, 1985

Family Paranebaliidae Walker-Smith and Poore, 2001

   Genus  Levinebalia Walker-Smith, 2000

  Levinebalia maria Walker-Smith, 2000
  Levinebalia fortunata (Wakabara, 1976)

  Genus Paranebalia Claus, 1880

  Paranebalia belizensis Modlin, 1991
  Paranebalia longipes (Willemoes-Suhm, 1875)

  Genus Saronebalia Haney and Martin, 2004

  Saronebalia guanensis Haney and Martin, 2004

Nomena nuda

  Nebalia chilensis Claus, 1887
  Nebalia pugettensis (Clark, 1932), originally as Epinebalia pugettensis


Nomena dubia

  Nebalia ciliata Lamarck, 1818
  Nebalia glabra Lamarck, 1818
  Nebalia montagui Thompson, 1830
  Nebalia japanensis Claus, 1887

Note for 2004: Currently, we are posting figures of these species to the Web as well. Ultimately, each taxon will be linked to a series of whole animal and character images as well as collection-related data for the species. Meanwhile, see "Morphological Research" among our image galleries (link below) in order to view some line art from original descriptions.

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